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Applying to restaurants hiring has never been easier. SlingHires lets restaurant professionals seeking employment create a profile that is available to restaurant owners who are ready to fill restaurant job openings.

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Whether you are relocating to the area or simply looking for food service jobs within the industry, our unique employment platform allows restaurants to find you quickly when they are ready to hire. Simply set up a free account with SlingHires and follow a few simple steps to make your information available to restaurants. Once your account is active, you’ll fill out our application, upload a resume (optional) and upload a recent photo.  For helpful tips on completing your application, please visit our Learning Center for employees. Restaurants hiring will then have access to your details, putting your experience and skills in the spotlight for all available opportunities. 
Because the restaurant industry is fast-paced and competitive, it can be easy to miss out on restaurant job openings that are filled quickly. Our system eliminates the need to search for job postings and ads. Instead, restaurants hiring contact you as soon as positions become available. You don’t need to hand out resumes and hope a job opens up – employers looking for your skills and experience contact you directly when they have food service jobs to fill.
Because we believe everyone in the restaurant community benefits from putting the most qualified person into each available position, we want to reward our successful candidates. Once you are hired through your SlingHires account, submit a reward request. We’ll verify your employment and send you a complimentary gift card.
Not only is your account completely free, your information is instantly available to participating restaurants who are ready to fill their restaurant job openings. We reward both applicants and hiring employers, so it’s a win-win situation that strengthens the restaurant community in Arizona.

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Our community is growing rapidly and employers are always looking for talented restaurant professionals. Whether you are seeking employment as a chef, line cook, dishwasher, server, busser, hostess or any type of food service job – we will get your information in front of restaurant owners with job openings.  SlingHires is where restaurants shop for employees.
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