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SlingHires is the premier restaurant staffing site in Arizona, connecting applicants with cooking jobs in Phoenix, Arizona, and throughout the state. Our unique platform allows job seekers to create a profile that is accessed by restaurants looking for cooks and other kitchen staff. Instead of spending countless hours searching for a job, signing up for a free SlingHires account lets employers come to you!

The restaurant industry is growing rapidly in Arizona and is a driving force in the state’s economy. New and established restaurants are always looking for qualified chefs and cooks. Because Arizona restaurants need to fill positions quickly, it can be easy to miss job postings for open positions. SlingHires employers looking to fill cooking jobs in Phoenix, Arizona, know they can come to our site and quickly hire talented chefs, line cooks and other kitchen staff from our candidate database.

If you are seeking employment, it’s easy to create your SlingHires profile and start getting noticed for cooking jobs in Phoenix, Arizona today. Simply set up a free account and follow a few simple steps to make your information available to restaurants. Once your account is active, you’ll fill out our application, upload a resume (optional) and upload a recent photo. We even provide a free Training & Learning Center to assist job seekers in showing off your skills successfully. Employers ready to hire chefs and cooks can view your experience and skills, contacting you about the open positions that are a perfect match.

SlingHires simplifies the hiring process for both applicants and employers. Instead of spending your time knocking on restaurant doors and searching help wanted ads, simply create one profile on SlingHires. There is no need for employers to spend time and energy posting job openings, then reviewing applications from applicants who may or may not be qualified. Employers can simply view and contact qualified applicants from our database, which is available 24/7 and is always current. Positions can be filled quickly and easily with skilled cooks who are ready to go to work.
We’re so excited about our platform that we reward employers who hire our candidates, and candidates who are hired.  It’s a win-win situation for the restaurant community.

Experienced chefs, cooks and other kitchen staff are key players in the restaurant industry. Whether you are seeking work in the restaurant industry, or hiring for cooking jobs in Phoenix, Arizona, get started with SlingHires today.

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